Company Policies

Quality policy

The main objective of Dubre SAC's Quality Policy is to ensure that the products we produce and sell to our customers meet their needs and expectations.

Quality objectives

  • To train our staff permanently.
  • Ensure that our production processes are efficient.

Environmental policy

At Dubre SAC we respect the environment and its conservation, as well as compliance with environmental standards, are fundamental commitments during the development of all our activities. That is why we have set the following environmental objectives for our management:

  • Ensure safe operations with the environment.
  • Use processes that reduce the use of resources, whenever possible.
  • Reduce waste generation and dispose of it in a nature-friendly manner.

Health and safety at work policies

Dubre SAC is committed to identifying and controlling the risks inherent in the development of its operations, ensuring safe working conditions for our employees and guaranteeing compliance with the rules, laws and regulations of industrial hygiene and safety. Therefore, we are committed to:

  • To provide and maintain the appropriate equipment and tools so that our collaborators can carry out their functions, without fear of possible harm to their health.
  • To support the internal occupational health and safety committee, to improve working conditions continuously and to guarantee an adequate working environment for all our employees.
  • To prevent and avoid accidents, providing a competent and effective supervision, assigning a responsible for each area and / or production process.

Social responsibility policy

We are committed to contributing to sustainable development, through projects that leverage our knowledge and strengths, to improve the quality of life of our employees, suppliers, and the societies where we operate. We do this through activities such as

  • Respect for human rights.
  • Respect for workers, promoting equal opportunities.
  • Avoiding child and forced labour.
  • Avoiding harassment, discrimination or abuse
  • Generate a favorable work environment and provide tools to our employees for their professional growth within our organization.